Sleepless Training

I am having one of my very common sleepless nights and what do i do with my sleepless time you may be asking. Well I train my Lagiacrus, My adamant moxie Gyaradose to make him a Monster 


I finished my central kalos dex with150 seen and cught  it dosent have a crow like the I see on here can some ne tell me y?

So i have a dirty mind

I was playing y just now and my charizard was paralyzed by an altaria and when I healed it it said charizard was thrilled to bits though my dirty mind read  charizard was thrilled by tits

I can trade you a manaphy for you meloetta if you're still looking

sorry I got one yesterday but if you still want meloetta I am open to offers


Why cant we have pokeballs made from appricots like in the jhoto region but for x and y because othe than normall pokeballs they are the only kindi like

My brother got told that three year olds only like the stuff he does


So if you’re older than three and like…
Doctor Who,
Please give this a like/reblog to prove him wrong

guys i need help with my pokedex

I need a manaphy for my y version and am willing to trade mewtwo keldeo or meloetta

I need a trade

Guys plz I still have a extra keldeo or meloetta for trade can someone give me a manaphy for one of them


guys I have a keldeo and meloetta for trade and I desperately need a manaphy on y can anyone help

Okay, I'm on standby.

on my way